April 24/25 (A Day leads)

DUE: I.1 Annotation


  1. Vocab PPT.
  2. Discuss I.1.
  3. Check out books
  4. Read I.2 aloud
    1. clarify confusions
  5. Begin annotating I.3 — Secrets passage.


  1. Read I.1-4 (quiz next class)
  2. Annotate I.3 – Secrets
    1. Make sure your annotation reflects thought from all three columns.

April 21

B Day: Your annotated first chapter is now due Tuesday, which is the next day I’ll see you.  B Day will now follow A Day.

A Day: Your schedule remains unchanged, so I will see you on Monday.

For anyone whose writing conference was cancelled today, you can sign up for a new conference when we return to school.

Also, I couldn’t help but notice a bit of Macbeth in this NPR story.  It reads like the synopsis to one of your projects–except without the amazing acting and interesting motifs.

April 19/20

DUE: Macbeth book


  1. Project results
  2. Introduce Vocab List 6
  3. An introduction to Charles Dickens
    1. A Tale of Two Cities Unit Overview
    2. Charles Dickens — Intro PPT
    3. Cartoon of Dickens’ life
  4. Hand out ATOTC Unit Guide and Bookmark
  5. Begin reading and annotating ATOTC – The Period Ch. 1
    1. Print out this Annotation Guide if you have lost yours.


  1. Annotate Ch. 1 — The Period.
    1. Make sure you use three different colors to annotate, each color corresponding to a different column on the annotation guide.  I will collect this next class.

April 17/18

DUE: Macbeth Project


  1. Set up projects
  2. View projects
  3. Watch a video on the French Revolution (after experimenting on 5th Period [guinea pigs], I found that John Green’s Crash Course on the French Revolution is the best video to watch.)
    1. A Tale of Two Cities (our next book) takes place during the French Revolution.  It is challenging enough without the added challenge of not understanding the social context of the revolution, so please, review as needed.


  1. None.  Be prepared to start A Tale of Two Cities next class!

April 6/7

DUE: Final Draft (hard copy and Turnitin.com)


  1. Seminar Reflections
  2. Collect papers and sign up for writing conferences (optional)
  3. Common Assessment
  4. Grammar Test 6 (final re-take)


  1. Complete your Macbeth Project and bring all parts of your project to class the first day back from break!
    1. Reminder: If you have a video component, you may bring your own laptop/device for showing it, or you may use one of the school laptops.  However, make sure in advance that your video file is saved in a format that will work on a PC other than the one on which you edited it.  I’ve seen this backfire before.

April 4/5

DUE: Seminar Entry Ticket (to turnitin.com)


  1. Socratic Seminar
  2. Work time


  1. Final Draft.  Bring a hard copy with your rubric and submit to Turnitin.com.