EC Survey

Please take the anonymous survey and earn 5 extra credit points!  Honesty, please.


Final Days of Class

June 8:

  • Final quiz.
  • We finish reading the book and discuss the ending.
  • Receive entry ticket.

June 12:

  • Homework packet due.
  • Lit crit responses due.
  • Passage Analysis Test.

June 14: 5th Period

  • Vocab and Grammar Review
  • EC Survey Due
  • Books Due

June 14: 7th and 8th Period (FINAL)


June 18: 5th period final

  • ATOTC Seminar
  • Vocab final
  • Grammar final

June 6

DUE: None.


  1. Announcements:
    1. No Nicenet; we will use WordPress (email me and I will send you an invite to our class blog for this activity)
    2. Info on our homework packet (see below)
    3. Upcoming dates (see above)
  2. Vocab PPT
  3. III.8-10 Quiz
  4. Recap chapters and clarify confusions
  5. Analyze section


  1. Read III.11-14
  2. Post your second literary criticism to our class blog at WordPress.  You should receive an email invitation in order to do so.

ATOTC Packet

The following items will be included in your last work packet:

I.2-4 – Reading Dickens Practice

II.2 — Getting the Message

Dickens Character Imitation

II.9 Dialogue Analysis

Mob Tone Analysis

II.16 – Dialogue Analysis

Theme Connections


The Period Ch. 1

I.5 – The Wine Cask

III.2 The Grindstone (excused for 5th period)


Here is the rubric for your work packet.  You earn a score in each column and the two numbers add to a number out of 50.

  Completion Quality
WOW 25  Displays effort that is above and beyond. 25  Displays insight that is above and beyond.


25  Thorough completion of all requirements. 25  Thoughtful, insightful, specific.  References text when necessary.
Good 23  Thorough completion of requirements with minor exceptions. 21  Clearly states ideas, opinions.  Develops ideas through elaboration.  Uses textual support.
Adequate 20  Meets most length requirements.  Some elaboration. 19  States ideas, opinions, but lacks development.  Some textual support.
Minimal 18  Inconsistent effort prevents completion. 17  Ideas are unclear, vague, or minimal.  Minimal use of text.
Incomplete 16 or lower

Consistently minimal work completion.

15 or lower

Characterized by summary. Lacks claims.  Off-prompt. Ideas unrelated or unsupportable.  Does not reference text.

Deductions Missing assignments, disorganized Poor conventions

June 4


  1. Literary Criticism #2
  2. Process work


  1. Announcement: Nicenet is down, which will delay our posting and replying.  More information on Wednesday.
  2. III.4-7 Quiz
  3. Discuss section
  4. Read III.8 together


  1. Read III.8-10
  2. Grindstone annotation due for 7th and 8th period

May 31

DUE: Extra Credit


  1. Discuss plagiarism
  2. III.1-3 Quiz
  3. Discussion
  4. Theme Connections discussions in groups


  1. Read III.4-7
  2. Literary Criticism #2 (to and
  3. Process work (brainstorms, outlines, and rough drafts with markings) for both Literary Criticisms.

May 29

DUE: None.


  1. Introduce Vocab List 8
  2. II.22-24 Quiz
  3. Recap / Clarify
  4. Book II Discussion
  5. Groups: Select a topic and write a theme based on that topic.  You will use this theme for your Theme Connections assignment


  1. Read III.1-3
  2. Theme Connections — If you were absent, base your theme around a topic of your choice:
    1. Inequality
    2. Justice
    3. Revolution
    4. Vengeance
  3. EC due next class!
  4. By June 6th, please annotate III.2 The Grindstone (7th and 8th only)

Reminder: the Literary Criticism due date was pushed back to Monday, June 4th.