Summer Assignment

Hello incoming honors sophomores.  Here is your 2018-19 Summer Assignment.  If you are new to Liberty or to the course, I urge you to make sure you complete the assignment this summer, as our whole first unit is centered around these two novels.

We will take multiple choice tests over the two novels on Friday, September 7.  The Socratic Seminar entry ticket will be due on Tuesday, September 11.  Bring a hard copy and submit your entry ticket to before class begins.  Upon first login to, you will need to use the class key from below.  Please make sure you join the correct class period to submit your entry ticket:

5th period: 18442976

6th period: 18442977

7th period: 18442979

8th period: 18442980

If you are signing up just days before school begins, please get started on reading 1984 and email me to set a schedule for taking those first tests (  You will still need to read both books!