March 19

DUE: Project Planning Sheet (checked off, except in 5th)


  1. Answers to Grammar Practice
  2. Cast Act IV
  3. Read IV.i
  4. Introduce Macbeth Scene Analysis Essay
  5. Watch film clips
    1. Both Justin Kurzel clips (available on Amazon, but beware that this version is Rated R for violence… if you watch further than I showed in class you will encounter violent scenes)
    2. Michael Bogdanov’s Macbeth (which we affectionately refer to as “Motorcycle” Macbeth).  The full film can be found here; IV.i begins at 54:00.


  1. Reread IV.i; 4.1 – Two Qs
  2. Figure out which scene you will select for your Macbeth Scene Analysis essay.

March 15

DUE: Practice Scene Analysis to


  1. Grammar warm-up: we will go over these next class.
  2. Act III Test
  3. Project work time


  1. Project Planning Sheet (one per group)

March 13

DUE: None.


  1. Finish reading Act III
  2. Watch the banquet scene from Rupert Goold’s Macbeth (see link to the right–>)
  3. Work in groups to plan an essay analyzing Goold’s interpretation of the scene.
    1. Observations
    2. Analysis (Purpose? Effect?)
    3. Thesis
    4. Outline


  1. Reread III.v-vi; no questions, but you may want to review Act III.  Our test is next class.
  2. Type a 2+ page (double spaced) essay analyzing Rupert Goold’s interpretation of the banquet scene.  Post to before next class.

March 9


  1. III.i-ii Q’s (not collected)
  2. III.i Soliloquy (not collected)


  1. ELA registration info
  2. Project: Group brainstorm time
    1. form groups
    2. start working on the Project Planning Sheet (Due March 20)
  3. Discuss Q’s and Soliloquy
  4. Read III.iii-iv


  1. Reread III.iii-iv; 3.3-4 Q’s

March 5

DUE: II.3-4 Q’s


  1. Hand out Act I and II Work Packet rubric
  2. Finish reading II.3 (7th and 8th only)
    1. 5th watched the Porter scene and I assigned motifs for tracking
  3. Read II.4
    1. Discuss Q’s
  4. Act II Test
    1. Unit Guide work time when finished
  5. Introduce Macbeth Movie Project


  1. Bring all portions for your work packet.  There are
    1. 4 sets of questions
    2. 3 Annotations
    3. 2 Turtle Doves
    4. and a Directing Act II Worksheet

Reminder: The first grammar make-up session is on Wednesday at 9 a.m.

March 1

DUE: II.i Soliloquy (to be collected with the packet)


  1. 5th: Finish reading II.ii
  2. Discuss responses
  3. Assign motifs for tracking (7th and 8th only; 5th will do this Monday)
  4. Discuss II.i Soliloquy
  5. Read II.iii


  1. Reread II.iii and read II.iv — next class is the Act II test and we will read and answer any questions before taking the test.
    1. Respond to the II.3-4 Q’s

NOTE: Because we are ahead of schedule, we will take the Act II Test on Monday, March 5th instead of on the 7th.  However, the due date for the work packet remains March 7th.

GRAMMAR UNIT 5 Re-takes: There are three sessions you can sign up for to review your grammar test and re-take the test.  Wednesday, March 7 at 9 AM, Friday, March 9 at 3 PM, and Wednesday, March 14 at 9 AM.  Sign up on the sheet on my door in order to attend one of these.