September 22

DUE: BNW Ending Annotation


  1. Review grammar handout answers
  2. Hand out theme / passage brainstorm for BNW
  3. 5 practice theses: 5 BNW Theses
  4. Discuss BNW ending
  5. Brief brainstorm of 1984 passages


  1. Annotate 1984 The Ending but make only 5 comments per page. Due next class.
  2. Passage Annotation and thesis due in two class periods.

September 20

DUE: None.


  1. DW: Select one of the themes you came up with for 1984 or BNW.  Explain how this theme responds to some aspect of the time period in which the author wrote the novel.
  2. Introduce Literary Essay Instructions
  3. Brainstorm:
    1. Huxley’s viewpoints
    2. Important scenes
  4. Introduce Annotation Guide v2
  5. Practice annotating the opening page of BNW


  1. Annotate the BNW Beginning and End
    1. See the annotation guide rubric for a description of a successful annotation
  2. Review Parts of Speech and Sentence Parts on your Grammar Guide
  3. Complete the Grammar worksheet

September 14

DUE: Peer Analysis


  1. DW: What was an idea you heard from someone else in the seminar that you hadn’t considered? Explain the idea and your thoughts on it.
  2. Reflect on seminar
  3. Swap peer analysis — turn in
  4. 1984 Historical Context Lecture / Discussion (1984 Historical Context)
  5. Ad analysis — we continued practicing analytical skills with a Louis Vuitton ad.


  1. Brave New World Historical Context — Submit your responses to before class begins on Monday.  Late submissions will require a late pass.

September 12

DUE: Seminar Entry Ticket (to


  1. Daily Warm-up (in your notebook): Analyze your teacher based on the walls of the class.
  2. Discuss analysis packet
  3. Read a sample peer analysis of “Cantelope”
  4. Receive a peer’s questionnaire–you’ll use this for the homework
  5. Socratic Seminar


  1. Peer Analysis — Type a 300 word analysis of the student whose questionnaire you ended up with (see me if you were gone today; you will have to turn this in later). What does the questionnaire reveal about the student. Try to go beyond what it explicitly tells you and make inferences about what it shows (perhaps even unintentionally).  Your analysis is NOT aimed at trying to figure out who your person is. Also, avoid summarizing. Bring a hard copy to class.

September 8


  1. Questionnaire
  2. Signed Syllabus


  1. Syllabus review
  2. What is analysis?
  3. Introduce analysis packet
  4. BNW 1984 Test


  1. Submit reading questions to before class begins on Tuesday; be ready to discuss the questions in the seminar
  2. Read the analysis packet closely and highlight 3-5 key ideas per page.
  3. Bring a spiral notebook that you will use just for English this year

Your summer reading questions are due to before class begins on Tuesday, September 12th.  Use the information below to post, and please make sure you sign up for the correct class period.

Use the appropriate Class ID to sign into  The password for each is ‘waldo’.

5th Period: 16199588

7th Period: 16199593

8th Period: 16199605

Summer Reading Assignment

Hello incoming honors sophomores.  Here is your 2017-18 Summer Assignment.  If you are new to Liberty or to the course, I urge you to make sure you complete the assignment this summer, as our whole first unit is centered around these two novels.

If you are signing up just days before school begins, please get started on reading 1984 and email me to set a schedule for taking those first tests (