September 15/16

DUE: None


  1. Vocab PPT.
  2. Notes on identifying themes
  3. 1984 Quote Activity — take six important quotes and break them down to understand their thematic meaning / significance.  You may use up to 3 of these on your unit guide.
    1. Work in groups
    2. Discuss
  4. Introduce annotation-guide-v2
  5. Reread the opening paragraph of 1984.  Discuss subtleties and things we understand now that we’ve read the whole novel.
  6. Practice annotation with 1984-passage-prole-woman (this will not be collected)


  1. Annotate the 1984-the-ending
    1. You may make a MAXIMUM of 5 comments per page.
    2. Your comments should qualify as column 2 or 3 on your Annotation Guide
    3. I am grading these based on the quality of your comments
    4. Be prepared to discuss this text in-depth next class