September 21/22


  1. Two Theses (plus a 1-4 rating for how strong you think they are)
  2. Collected 1984 Ending Annotation (4th period only)


  1. Thesis practice: Rate 5-bnw-theses
    1. Rate your own thesis statements
  2. argument-for-the-world-state-prompt
    1. Read through the Mond quotes and discuss the argument for the World State.  Articulate the key parts of that argument in the space provided.
  3. Explain Level 2 and Level 3 questions (level-1-3-questions)
    1. Practice with 1984 on the unit guide.


  1. PROMPT: Although Aldous Huxley creates a world in Brave New World that is seemingly utopian in a number of ways, he clearly sees the World State as a regression rather than a progression.  In a half essay, analyze how Huxley demonstrates his criticism of the World State and provide specific quotes and details to support your argument.   Consider referencing literary devices he uses to convey his point(s). Keep your essay focused on the novel and avoid plot summary.  10 points.  Due next class.
    1. NOTE: A half essay consists of an introduction, a body paragraph, and the topic sentence for the next body paragraph.
    2. Read the following passages (bnw-important-passages) and be ready to discuss them next class.  See if you can find any evidence worth quoting in your half essay.
  2. Write at least four Level 2 and four Level 3 questions on your unit guide for Brave New World.
  3. Vocab Quiz 1 next class