September 23/26

DUE: BNW Half Essay


  1. Discuss good and bad ways to write an introduction (good-hooks-bad-hooks)
  2. Vocab Quiz 1
  3. Discuss Level 2 questions and passages in Brave New World
  4. Write a concession/rebuttal paragraph to add onto your half essay (conceding that Huxley includes the pro-World State argument, and rebutting this with clear evidence and reasons that he disagrees).
  5. Annotation scoring — see examples from the 1984 ending
  6. Hand out bnw-beginning-and-end


  1. Annotate the beginning/end of Brave New World
    1. This is a FULL annotation, meaning you are not limited to 5 comments per page

NOTE: Preparation is vital to success in this class.  If I say I expect you to read something so we can discuss it next class, you need to carefully read it and come to class prepared to discuss.  If you don’t then you’ve robbed us of an important voice in our discussion (yours) or worse, you’ve added a voice with no understanding of the text (yours).  I have high expectations for this class as a whole and for each of you individually, and I hope you will reward yourself by meeting or even exceeding those expectations.