September 27/28

DUE: BNW Annotation


  1. Grab returned work from your folder (back of room)
  2. Discuss thesis statements
    1. Identify struggles
    2. Suggestions for improving
    3. Rate four sample theses
  3. Introduce Grammar 1. This was our introductory-worksheet. The next two weeks, we will focus on
    1. Parts of speech
    2. Identify subject and verb
    3. Pronouns and antecedents
  4. Discuss beginning and ending to Brave New World


  1. Annotate Huxley’s letter-to-orwell
    1. Much of your focus should be on column one margin notes (literal comprehension), but also make sure you identify and restate Huxley’s main idea (column 2) and your thoughts/opinions on what he says (column 3).  There is no need to dig for symbolism in this letter, but you might pay attention to the tone and identify it in the margins.
  2. Complete as many boxes on the Brave New World side of your unit guide as you can.
  3. Not homework, but be aware that the first grammar quiz is less than two weeks away.  You may want to study your grammar guide or use resources that I have posted on the grammar page of this website (see tab at the top of the page).