September 29/30

DUE: Huxley’s Letter Annotation


  1. Pronoun-antecedent disagreement examples
  2. Read a strong sample body paragraph
    1. Identify argument, transitions, evidence, and commentary
    2. Notes on what makes a strong body paragraph
  3. Discuss Huxley’s letter to Orwell (collect)
    1. Is he right?
  4. Big question for the next week: Which novel is more relevant to our world?
  5. Watch first 11 minutes of Frontline‘s “The Tank Man”
    1. Discuss connections between 1984 and Tiananmen Square


  1. 1984-modern-connection — use the article for your topic below as one of your sources, and don’t forget to cite both sources at the bottom of the page.
    1. North Korea: 60 Minutes Segment on a North Korean prison camp or BBC article about “the most bizarre country in the world”
    2. Putin’s Russia: Putin’s goes full Orwell
    3. NSA Spying: The Guardian‘s article about Snowden
    4. Chinese Censorship: An Open Letter to a Nameless Censor

NOTE: Because the assignment folder on was not created until Monday morning, I’ve extended the Turnitin deadline to Wednesday for all classes.  However, the hard copy of the assignment still needs to be in class on the original due date.