October 3/4

DUE: 1984 Modern Connection (submit to Turnitin.com by Wednesday as well)


  1. Read “No One Died in Tiananmen Square”
    1. Discuss
    2. Practice grammar
  2. Discuss 1984 Connections in groups
  3. Continue body paragraph practice (sheet handed out last class)
  4. Hand out seminar entry ticket and prompts for literary analysis essay
    1. Discuss how to break down prompts
    2. Suggestions for completing the entry ticket


  1. literary-essay-instructions — The essay is due October 18/19.  Write a thesis statement for each prompt and bring next class.
  2. 2016-1984-bnw-socratic-seminar-entry-ticket
    1. Article on genetic engineering (for #3)
    2. The Baby Lab video from 60 Minutes (for #4 and #5)
    3. the-paperweight passage for annotating (#7)