October 14/17

DUE: None.


  1. Vocab PPT — continue studying words from List 2
  2. Recap seminars
  3. sophomore-writing-expectations
    1. Create a checklist based on this and review your own writing using the checklist.
  4. Discuss “The Pedestrian”
    1. Practice coming up with theme
    2. Identify literary devices that can be used to support theme
    3. Practice writing commentary


  1. Literary Analysis Essay — bring a hard copy and submit to Turnitin.com
  2. Read F451:
    1. A Day: Read pages 1-28 of Fahrenheit 451.  We will have a quiz next class.
    2. B Day: Because Wednesday is so short, read pages 1-39 of F451.  We will have a quiz on Friday.
  3. Your Unit Guide for BNW and 1984 is due in two class periods.  Most of this should already be finished–if not, oops.
  4. Vocab Quiz on Thursday/Friday.


NOTE: Socratic Seminar grades have been entered, but I have not graded the entry ticket yet.  The grade you see is assuming that you had a fully completed, insightful entry ticket and earned all 20 of those points.  Next week when I grade the entry tickets, your seminar score could drop if that was not the case (or if you forgot to post the entry ticket to Turnitin.com!).