October 18 — A Day

DUE: Final draft of Literary Analysis Essay


  1. Explain the sign-up chart for writing conferences.
    1. 5 point add-on to your score if you come to a conference AND complete the revision tips.
  2. F451 Quiz 1 (1-29)
  3. Pass out f451-unit-guide
  4. Check out books
  5. Discuss: confusions, observations, similarities/differences with our world, connections to “The Pedestrian”
  6. Motifs
    1. explain
    2. look for in the first pages of the novel
  7. Close reading: two passages about Clarisse (we did this together)


  1. Read through page 45
  2. Vocab Quiz 2 next class
  3. Annotate the mechanical-hound-passage
  4. I’m collecting your BNW / 1984 Unit Guide next class.