October 26/27


  1. Droid Ad Analysis


  1. IC / DC practice
  2. Discuss Droid ad
  3. Wall-E clip
    1. Discuss connections and social commentary
  4. Introduce Synthesis Paper (synthesis-paper-2016)
  5. F451 Quiz 4 (66-89)
  6. Discuss Faber and Denham’s Dentrifice


  1. Finish reading Part II (through 106)
  2. “Hello, I am Mildred…” monologues. Imagine Mildred lives in our society… what would she use to distract herself from reality? Write a monologue that begins with “Hello, I am Mildred” and goes on to give details of her daily activities (in OUR world; not the one from the book). Your monologue should be between 150 and 250 words.
  3. Source Notes due in two class periods.  See the template and all synthesis related resources by clicking the Synthesis Paper tab at the top of this page.