November 1/2


  1. Scripts + “Dover Beach” analysis
  2. Source Notes (checked off in class)


  1. Quiz 6 (B Day only; A Day will have a Part III Test next class)
  2. Grammar practice
  3. Discuss source notes
    1. Show outline template (see Synthesis Writing tab)
  4. Read intimacy-for-the-avoidant and “I Used to Be a Human Being”–both good non-fiction source options for your paper
    1. Discuss Brooks’ ideas and writing
  5. Discuss “Dover Beach” and the connections to Fahrenheit
  6. Group discussions


  1. Finish reading Part III
  2. Study for Grammar Quiz 2 (next class!)
  3. Outline due November 7/8.  Use the template on the Synthesis Tab at the top of the page.