November 3/4

DUE: None.


  1. Watch clips from 
    1. Discuss
  2. Hand out F451 Seminar Entry Ticket
    1. Answer clarifying questions
  3. Grammar Quiz 2
  4. F451 Part III Quiz
  5. How does the image from the cover of Amusing Ourselves to Death relate thematically to Fahrenheit 451?
  6. Practice passage analysis test
    1. Discuss theme and literary devices in the bomb passage


  1. Outline due next class — see template and tips by clicking the Synthesis Paper tab at the top of the page
  2. Passage Analysis Test — next class.  Know the novel.  Know its themes.  Know your literary devices.
  3. f451-socratic-seminar-entry-ticket-2016-hon-10 due November 9/10 (hard copy +
    1. Here are the three cover images for question #9:
      1. Artur Kotarba’s cover illustration — I have a copy in class if you’d like to see it better.
      2. Nancy Singer’s cover design
      3. Joseph Muignani’s first edition cover illustration