November 22/23

DUE: Final Draft


  1. Ch. 4 Quiz
  2. Review Grammar Test 2
    1. New rules for Grammar Tests: grammar-license-rules
    2. comma-practice-paragraph-declotter and comma-worksheet
  3. Groups: Discuss chapter 4
  4. Class: Discuss Jack’s first kill
  5. Receive one of three-passages (if you were absent, annotate one passage and then write the questions and ideas raised by the other two passages)
    1. Annotate yours, first individually and then with the group.  Consider the important words and phrases and how they contribute to a theme that the passage brings out.
    2. Present your group’s findings to the class.


  1. Read Ch. 5; task
  2. Complete the comma practice paragraph (see Activities).
    1. Fill in the commas on your own.
    2. Once you have done your best to fill in the commas, check your work against O’Brien’s actual paragraph here: declotter-answer-key.
    3. Label each comma based upon the comma rule that applies.  Rules 1-10 are located on your LHS Grammar Guide.