December 14 — A Day

DUE: None.


  1. Ch. 12 Quiz
  2. Review F451 Passage Analysis Tests
  3. Groups
  4. Hand out seminar entry ticket
  5. Ch. 12 Annotation (will collect next class)
    1. Connections to The Coral Island


  1. Read “The Coral Island” handout (the-coral-island) that I provided during class today and add to your Ch. 12 Annotation.  Be prepared to discuss connections next class.
  2. Next class: Grammar retake and LOF Passage Analysis Test
  3. LOF Seminar Entry Ticket: 2016-seminar-entry-ticket (Due Tuesday)
    1. cover-art for #3
    2. Golding on why he wrote it about only boys for #5
    3. hobbes-and-rousseau-excerpts for #7
    4. Stanford Prison Experiment website for #8