January 9/10

DUE: Trial Prep Worksheet (checked off)


  1. Comma splice practice C
  2. Finalize quote selection
  3. Create Evidence PPT
    1. lord-of-the-flies-trials-template
    2. evidence-ppt-directions-for-students-updated
    3. You can copy and paste from the law: 2016-17-trial-project
  4. Work time!


  1. Type your speaking portions of the trial (example: opening statement and character evidence).  Type all that you plan to say (even though this is not an exact script.  I encourage you to practice and proofread one another’s speaking parts ahead of time.
  2. Trials begin next class.  Be prepared (even if you’re not scheduled to go, you might!).
  3. Study Vocab List 4 on Vocabulary.com.  I’ve created a list for the class.