January 26/27



  1. Review Grammar Test
  2. Cast Act I
  3. Practice reading Shakespeare aloud
  4. Read I.i-ii (this means Act I, Scenes i-ii)
  5. Watch I.i on film (Folger Theatre version)


  1. Reread I.i-ii.  After rereading, if you want to watch a very standard version of the scene, watch 0:00 – 5:45 of the BBC TV version of Macbeth.  It’s not my favorite version, but from what I have seen, it is a very faithful adaptation that does not skip lines, so it can help with comprehension.
  2. Type thoughtful responses to the attached questions.  For number 1, please make sure you refer to the Folger Theatre version of the scene (the one we watched in class), and not the BBC one.  You need to have these responses with you next class.