January 31 / February 1

DUE: I.i-ii questions (not collected)


  1. Practice test for I.ii (no points attached to this)
  2. Grammar: review Shakespeare’s sentences
  3. Discuss I.i-ii questions
    1. Example of strong commentary
  4. Watch Rupert Goold’s I.i-ii
    1. Discuss director choices, paying attention also to the technical choices
  5. Read I.iii (B day made it to line 140)


  1. Reread I.iii; no questions today
  2. Timed write
    1. Read the synthesis-prompt.
    2. Spend twenty minutes reading the sources-sbac-synthesis. (if you need more than twenty minutes, that is fine).
    3. Spend forty minutes typing your essay.  Bring a printed copy next class.
  3. Grammar Quiz 5 will be on Monday/Tuesday of next week.  Study as necessary.