February 8/9

DUE: I.3-4 Questions (to be collected with Act I Packet)

  1. Announcement: Here are some changes to dates due to the snow.
    1. Synthesis essay due Feb. 16/17
    2. Act I Test Feb. 14/15
    3. Act II Test Feb. 27/28
    4. Act III Test March 9/10
  2. Introduce Vocab List 5 (new vocabulary-packet-lists-5-8)
    1. We will quiz on List 5 before break.
  3. Grammar Quiz 5 — Subj. / Verb and Shakespeare
  4. Read I.v
  5. Annotate the I.v soliloquy together as a class (will be collected with the Act I Packet)
  6. A Day: Watch I.v in Rupert Goold’s version of Macbeth


  1. Reread I.v; answer questions.
    1. Question #3 requires that you have seen I.v in Rupert Goold’s version of Macbeth.  This scene runs from 0:18:00-0:24:00.
  2. Complete the soliloquy annotation for I.v by writing your analysis of the speech in 3-4 sentences.
  3. Study your vocabulary words for list 5.  I have created a new list on Vocabulary.com (see vocab tab at the top if you need to join our class).  Also, I found and assigned lists for Acts I and II of Macbeth.  Studying these would be helpful, but it’s optional.