February 10/13

DUE: I.v Questions (to be collected with Act I Packet)


  1. Vocab PPT.
  2. Discuss I.v questions
  3. Read I.vi-vii
  4. Work on the I.vii soliloquy annotation (backside of the I.v annotation)
    1. We completed the paraphrase together and got started on the analysis
  5. Watch I.vii on film
    1. Analyze the “battle” between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
    2. How he do dat?


  1. Reread I.vii; no questions
  2. Finish the I.vii annotation; your Act I packet is due next class, so make sure you have completed the following (and that you bring them with you):
    1. I.i-ii Q’s
    2. I.iii-iv Q’s
    3. I.v Q’s
    4. I.v annotation
    5. I.vii annotion
  3. Your Act I Test is next class
    1. Be ready to analyze a passage (with your lit terms handout)
    2. Know the plot and characters from Act I

REMINDER: Essay due in two class periods.