February 14/15

DUE: Act I Packet


  1. Assemble packet (collect)
  2. Review Grammar Test 5
  3. Cast roles for Act II
  4. Work on Unit Guide
    1. Thematic topics so far
    2. Most important line in Act I
    3. Pivotal moment in Act I
    4. Begin tracking motifs
  5. Act I Test
  6. Read II.i
  7. Watch Roman Polanski’s version of the dagger scene


  1. Synthesis essay final draft (2-4 pages; MLA format)
    1. Submit to Turnitin.com
    2. Bring a hard copy and attach your rough draft
  2. Annotate ii-1-soliloquy
  3. Reread II.i; no questions
  4. Vocab Quiz 5 and the Grammar re-take next class!