February 27/28

DUE: None.


  1. Watch II.ii on film
  2. Read the “porter scene” (first part of II.iii)
    1. Watch on film
  3. Finish reading II.iii-II.iv (5th period did not have time to finish II.iv, but still needs to read at home)
  4. Introduce macbeth-movie-project-2017


  1. Reread II.iii-iv
  2. Act II Packet:
    1. Directing Act II WS
    2. II.i Soliloquy
  3. Act II Test

NOTE: If you have passed Grammar Quiz 5 (or the re-take), your score is updated on Family Access.  If you have not yet passed Grammar Quiz 5, you have an asterisk and that means you need to come in for the final re-take no later than Monday, 3/6.