March 7/8

DUE: III.i-iv questions (discussed but not collected)


  1. Discuss III.i-iv questions
  2. Review Banquet scene
  3. Watch Rupert Goold’s version of the banquet scene (1:19:00 – 1:35:00).
    1. If you missed class, use the link at the side of this page to watch the scene.  We began with Banquo’s ghost rising.
  4. Scene analysis activity
    1. Prompt: Analyze Rupert Goold’s interpretation of the banquet scene.
      1. Notes: Aim for a thematic purpose in your analysis.  Avoid the following conclusions as they are shallow and “one-size-fits-all”:
        1. The director’s choices made it more relatable.
        2. … made it easier to understand.
        3. … made the scene feel dark.
        4. The director made this choice for dramatic effect.
    2. Observations: List the choices the director made.
    3. Analyze: Select a few of the most interesting choices and analyze the choice
      1. Why did the director make this choice?
      2. What effect does the choice have on the audience?
      3. Why did the director want this effect? (hint: does it emphasize a theme?)
    4. Thesis: craft a thesis with your group.  Your thesis should focus not on specific choices, but on the general idea the director wishes to convey.
    5. Outline: Gather all the choices you think will help support your thesis and arrange them.


  1. 2-3 page practice essay (MLA format, so double spaced).  See prompt and info above.
    1. If you had an excused absence, you may turn this in the following class period.
  2. Read III.v-vi on your own
    1. No HW questions
    2. We will review these scenes at the start of next class
  3. Act III Test next class (Even if you were gone today, you need to take the test next class)
  4. Act III packet due
    1. III.i Soliloquy
    2. III.i-iv Q’s
    3. Practice Essay