March 17/20

DUE: None.


  1. Grammar Unit 6 — Practice Test (the actual test is in two class periods)
  2. Read IV.iii
  3. Introduce Macbeth Scene Analysis Essay
    1. Brainstorming Worksheet — Due March 23/24
    2. Macbeth Essay Rubric
  4. Watch two scene options for the paper:
    1. Bogdanov: IV.i (Witches’ brew)
    2. Goold: II.iii (Porter scene)
    3. We will continue watching more of the options next class


  1. Act IV Test next class
    1. Packet due: IV.i Questions, IV.ii Questions, and Film Analysis WS for two versions of IV.ii
    2. Reread IV.iii (no questions)
      1. For one of your rereads, I suggest watching Rupert Goold’s version of the scene (1:51:00 – 2:06:00).
  2. Make sure you complete your online course registration before Sunday’s deadline!!!