March 21/22

DUE: Act IV Packet


  1. Watch Polanski and Kurzel scenes for Scene Analysis Paper
    1. Note: The YouTube version of Polanski’s has been removed, so that link won’t work.  Feel free to come by if you wish to view that scene some more.
    2. Cast Act V
    3. Act IV Test
    4. Read V.i


  1. Reread V.i; no additional questions
  2. Project Planning Sheet (I need to see one per group next class)
  3. Brainstorming worksheet (for the paper).  In order to complete this, you must
    1. select which scene you will analyze
    2. watch the scene three times
    3. record your observations and analysis on the worksheet
  4. Grammar Test 6 next class.  If you wish to study, please check out the resources I’ve provided by clicking on the Grammar tab at the top of the screen.