March 23/24

DUE: Brainstorm and Planning Sheet (checked off, except in 5th)


  1. Grammar Test
  2. Watch V.i on film
  3. Sample outline: Jenna’s Outline and Tips
  4. Discuss tips for outlining the paper
  5. Read V.ii-v


  1. Reread V.ii-v (especially if we didn’t make it through scene v!)
  2. Annotate the final soliloquy: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
  3. Complete your outline for your scene analysis paper.  Use this Outline Template.
    1. Roman Numerals are for general sections (not paragraphs).  A section may contain one or more paragraph.
    2. Capital letters are for paragraphs
    3. Numbers are for details/evidence to include in that paragraph
    4. Make sure you answer in complete sentences the questions at the top of each section.

NOTE: The Unit Guide and your motif timed write will be Wednesday/Thursday of next week.