May 8/9

DUE: None.


  1. Introduce Vocab List 7
  2. II.3-6 Quiz
  3. Recap chapters
  4. Dialogue Analysis (II.4 Dialogue Analysis)
  5. Annotation (II.5 – The Jackal)
  6. Begin Reading Ch. 7 together


  1. Read II.7-9 (Make sure you read Book II Chapters 7-9 and not Book III.)
  2. Write a paragraph analyzing Dickens’ purpose in the opening pages of Ch. 7.  Your paragraph must include a topic sentence with a clear claim, quotes from the text, and to further support your ideas, at least two quotes from the Glossary / Allusions section of Discovering Dickens (for Ch. 7).  Your writing analyze more than just the first two paragraphs.