May 18/19

DUE: Rough Draft


  1. Swap rough drafts with two peers.  Recieve Peer Feedback Instructions
  2. II.16-18 Quiz
  3. Recap
  4. Annotation contest:
    1. annotate the II.16 – Flies in the Wine Passage individually
    2. make contributions to the class annotation
    3. Mr. Level will decide which class has the strongest annotation
  5. Script activity — we are only just starting.  We will finish next class.


  1. Read II.19-21
  2. Peer edit the two papers you received today
  3. Extra credit due next class

Note: New dates!  The Vocab Quiz will be on Wednesday/Thursday next week, and the Final Draft of the Literary Criticism is now due on May 26 for A Day and May 30 for B Day.