February 16/17

DUE: Synthesis Essay (hard copy with rough draft + to Turnitin.com)


  1. Vocab Quiz 5
  2. Return Act I Packet
  3. Define Foil and Equivocation on Unit Guide (foil-and-equivocate)
  4. Discuss II.i soliloquy
  5. Hand out directing-act-ii-worksheet
    1. Due with Act II packet
  6. Read II.ii
  7. Grammar Quiz 5 – re-take


  1. Reread II.ii; no additional questions
  2. Act II Test on March 1/2
    1. Act II Packet due the same day

February 14/15

DUE: Act I Packet


  1. Assemble packet (collect)
  2. Review Grammar Test 5
  3. Cast roles for Act II
  4. Work on Unit Guide
    1. Thematic topics so far
    2. Most important line in Act I
    3. Pivotal moment in Act I
    4. Begin tracking motifs
  5. Act I Test
  6. Read II.i
  7. Watch Roman Polanski’s version of the dagger scene


  1. Synthesis essay final draft (2-4 pages; MLA format)
    1. Submit to Turnitin.com
    2. Bring a hard copy and attach your rough draft
  2. Annotate ii-1-soliloquy
  3. Reread II.i; no questions
  4. Vocab Quiz 5 and the Grammar re-take next class!

February 10/13

DUE: I.v Questions (to be collected with Act I Packet)


  1. Vocab PPT.
  2. Discuss I.v questions
  3. Read I.vi-vii
  4. Work on the I.vii soliloquy annotation (backside of the I.v annotation)
    1. We completed the paraphrase together and got started on the analysis
  5. Watch I.vii on film
    1. Analyze the “battle” between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
    2. How he do dat?


  1. Reread I.vii; no questions
  2. Finish the I.vii annotation; your Act I packet is due next class, so make sure you have completed the following (and that you bring them with you):
    1. I.i-ii Q’s
    2. I.iii-iv Q’s
    3. I.v Q’s
    4. I.v annotation
    5. I.vii annotion
  3. Your Act I Test is next class
    1. Be ready to analyze a passage (with your lit terms handout)
    2. Know the plot and characters from Act I

REMINDER: Essay due in two class periods.

February 8/9

DUE: I.3-4 Questions (to be collected with Act I Packet)

  1. Announcement: Here are some changes to dates due to the snow.
    1. Synthesis essay due Feb. 16/17
    2. Act I Test Feb. 14/15
    3. Act II Test Feb. 27/28
    4. Act III Test March 9/10
  2. Introduce Vocab List 5 (new vocabulary-packet-lists-5-8)
    1. We will quiz on List 5 before break.
  3. Grammar Quiz 5 — Subj. / Verb and Shakespeare
  4. Read I.v
  5. Annotate the I.v soliloquy together as a class (will be collected with the Act I Packet)
  6. A Day: Watch I.v in Rupert Goold’s version of Macbeth


  1. Reread I.v; answer questions.
    1. Question #3 requires that you have seen I.v in Rupert Goold’s version of Macbeth.  This scene runs from 0:18:00-0:24:00.
  2. Complete the soliloquy annotation for I.v by writing your analysis of the speech in 3-4 sentences.
  3. Study your vocabulary words for list 5.  I have created a new list on Vocabulary.com (see vocab tab at the top if you need to join our class).  Also, I found and assigned lists for Acts I and II of Macbeth.  Studying these would be helpful, but it’s optional.

Snow update!

Hello sophomores,

I hope you’ve enjoyed the snow!  Just a heads up that Wednesday (assuming we have school) will be a B day — the rule goes that when school is cancelled, the days remain as previously scheduled.  Yes, we will have that Grammar Quiz.  And yes, we will have to adjust many of our dates for Macbeth on the unit calendar.  We can do that in class soon.

Mr. Level

January 31 / February 1

DUE: I.i-ii questions (not collected)


  1. Practice test for I.ii (no points attached to this)
  2. Grammar: review Shakespeare’s sentences
  3. Discuss I.i-ii questions
    1. Example of strong commentary
  4. Watch Rupert Goold’s I.i-ii
    1. Discuss director choices, paying attention also to the technical choices
  5. Read I.iii (B day made it to line 140)


  1. Reread I.iii; no questions today
  2. Timed write
    1. Read the synthesis-prompt.
    2. Spend twenty minutes reading the sources-sbac-synthesis. (if you need more than twenty minutes, that is fine).
    3. Spend forty minutes typing your essay.  Bring a printed copy next class.
  3. Grammar Quiz 5 will be on Monday/Tuesday of next week.  Study as necessary.