March 31 / April 3


  1. Rough draft (checked off)


  1. Writer’s workshop
  2. Peer revision
  3. Work time
  4. Grammar Test 6 (re-take)


  1. Seminar Entry Ticket to


March 27/28

DUE: Tomorrow Annotation


  1. Discuss “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…”
  2. Finish reading the play
  3. Time permitting: “Motocycle” Macbeth ending

HW: Here are due dates between now and Spring Break:

March 29/30

Motif Timed Write

Unit Guide due

March 31 / April 3

Rough Draft due

Grammar Unit 6 re-take

April 4/5

Socratic seminar

April 6/7

Vocab Quiz 6

Final Draft due

March 23/24

DUE: Brainstorm and Planning Sheet (checked off, except in 5th)


  1. Grammar Test
  2. Watch V.i on film
  3. Sample outline: Jenna’s Outline and Tips
  4. Discuss tips for outlining the paper
  5. Read V.ii-v


  1. Reread V.ii-v (especially if we didn’t make it through scene v!)
  2. Annotate the final soliloquy: Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
  3. Complete your outline for your scene analysis paper.  Use this Outline Template.
    1. Roman Numerals are for general sections (not paragraphs).  A section may contain one or more paragraph.
    2. Capital letters are for paragraphs
    3. Numbers are for details/evidence to include in that paragraph
    4. Make sure you answer in complete sentences the questions at the top of each section.

NOTE: The Unit Guide and your motif timed write will be Wednesday/Thursday of next week.

March 21/22

DUE: Act IV Packet


  1. Watch Polanski and Kurzel scenes for Scene Analysis Paper
    1. Note: The YouTube version of Polanski’s has been removed, so that link won’t work.  Feel free to come by if you wish to view that scene some more.
    2. Cast Act V
    3. Act IV Test
    4. Read V.i


  1. Reread V.i; no additional questions
  2. Project Planning Sheet (I need to see one per group next class)
  3. Brainstorming worksheet (for the paper).  In order to complete this, you must
    1. select which scene you will analyze
    2. watch the scene three times
    3. record your observations and analysis on the worksheet
  4. Grammar Test 6 next class.  If you wish to study, please check out the resources I’ve provided by clicking on the Grammar tab at the top of the screen.

March 17/20

DUE: None.


  1. Grammar Unit 6 — Practice Test (the actual test is in two class periods)
  2. Read IV.iii
  3. Introduce Macbeth Scene Analysis Essay
    1. Brainstorming Worksheet — Due March 23/24
    2. Macbeth Essay Rubric
  4. Watch two scene options for the paper:
    1. Bogdanov: IV.i (Witches’ brew)
    2. Goold: II.iii (Porter scene)
    3. We will continue watching more of the options next class


  1. Act IV Test next class
    1. Packet due: IV.i Questions, IV.ii Questions, and Film Analysis WS for two versions of IV.ii
    2. Reread IV.iii (no questions)
      1. For one of your rereads, I suggest watching Rupert Goold’s version of the scene (1:51:00 – 2:06:00).
  2. Make sure you complete your online course registration before Sunday’s deadline!!!